Introduction to R

Introduction to R Programming

Have you ever wanted to know how to use R?

Most likely if you are here on this page you have! One of the biggest struggles with starting to use R is that it seems like a black box and you are not sure where to start!

This is where this course comes in. We will walk through the basics of R and give you the ability to go from not having R on your computer to doing analysis with R in a few days!
How will this course work?

This course is designed to cover the very basics of using and working with R. It will be taught with the following sections:

Getting Started in R and RStudio

Data in R

The Tidyverse

Graphing Data in R

Modeling Data in R

Communicating and Publishing Data in R

The course will be a self-paced walk through of using R in Statistics. Currently all of the materials are in a reading format. Each of these will have an accompanying video in time!

Course Information

Course Instructor

Jack Hester Jack Hester Author


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