Green Sections

As you go through the course there will be numerous green sections. These will have a On Your Own: Swirl Practice. Swirl is a in R style of learning. It was originally designed for the Coursera courses and now is in use in many other courses. You will see something like this in here:

On Your Own: Swirl Practice

In order to learn R you must do R. Please follow the steps to below to install your swirl() courses:

  1. Click here to download the file

  2. Go into the RStudio Console and paste the code below into the console window:

  1. Enter the following from the R console, substituting the correct file path to your downloaded file:
install_course_zip("path/to/file/here/", multi=TRUE)

For example, if you download the zip file to ~/Downloads/, then the following command will install the R Programming course.

install_course_zip("~/Downloads/", multi=TRUE)